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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:25 AM 




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We are pleased to report that Dick Woodward was elected on March 22nd to serve as 
long-term interim pastor at Midway Congregational UCC, Midway, GA. Dick is well 
known to us in the Southeast Conference, having served over the years as pastor of First 
Congregational UCC, Savannah, GA, and some years ago at Midway as well. Dick has 
also served as chair of the Georgia- South Carolina Association Church and Ministry 

Michelle Taylor, PhD., a member of Unity UCC, Montgomery, AL, announced that 
she has been appointed Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Bangor Theological 
Seminary, a seminary of the United Church of Christ. She will be living in Portland, 


Adrienne Singley-Candido, Administrative Assistant 
of the Southeast Conference is expecting a baby girl in 
May. The event was celebrated March 12th with a shower 
held by the Southeast Conference staff. 

Paige Pearson, recently called as pastor of United Church UCC, Cookeville, TN, has 
announced that she and her husband Kyle are expecting their first baby in October. 

We were saddened to receive word of the death of the mother of Sharon Weible, 
married to Lyle Weible. Sharon and Lyle are members of Pleasant Hill Community 
Church UCC, TN. Lyle serves on the Conference Board of Directors. 

On March 1st, Robin Lee Fitch was installed in her ministry as a therapist in private 
practice in a service of four way covenant, at Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta. 
The partners in the covenant with her are the Southeast Conference, the Georgia- South - 
Carolina Association, and Central UCC. 

Kathi Martin, member of Victory Church, Stone Mountain, GA, has been called to 
serve on the staff of Victory as a pastoral counselor. Kathi, a member of Victory, was the 
founding pastor of GSN Ministries UCC, and recently served on the staff of First 
Metropolitan Community Church of Atlanta. 

The Georgia-South Carolina Association Church and Ministry Committee took 
the following actions at its meeting on March 9th: 

Received Chris Glaser's request to enter the process of discernment leading to 
privilege of call. Chris has been called to serve as transitional pastor at Virginia 
Highland Church (A Baptist and UCC Congregation), Atlanta. Ordained by the 
MCC, he is an author of numerous books and articles. 

Interviewed Shannon Michael Pater, recently called as senior pastor of Central 
Congregational UCC, Atlanta, and agreed to accept his transfer of ordained 
ministerial standing from Iowa, pending his joining the church he is serving. 

Accepted the transfer of ordained ministerial standing for D. Houston Hall, from the 
Western North Carolina Association of the Southern Conference, UCC. He recently 
joined Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta. Houston, who is an intentional interim 
minister, and serving a congregation in North Carolina at this time, is moving to 
Gainesville, GA. 

Noted that they have now received the transfer of ordained ministerial standing for Ron 
Bonner from the Minnesota Conference UCC. Ron, a member of First 
Congregational UCC, has been called as a transitional minister of the Lutheran 
Church of Atonement (ELCA) in Atlanta. Ron has previously worked with Fortress 
Press, and before that on the national staff of the UCC. 

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Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

3/28/09 8:25 AM 

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Ted Brelsford, a member of Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, is completing 
his work toward ordination in the Georgia South Carolina Association, while he serves 
his call as pastor of Orchard Park Community Church, Orchard Park, NY. The 

Association Church and Ministry Committee has entered an agreement with the Western 
Association of the New York Conference to complete the preparation for ordination with 
Ted. The Western Association will accept the work, and arrange an Ecclesiastical Council 
and ordination. 

Dale Owen, Dorothea Lotze-Kola, both members of Central Congregational 
UCC, Atlanta, Allen Mullinax, member of Pilgrimage UCC, and Forenza 
Chatmon of Bethany Congregational UCC, Thomasville, GA, are retiring from the 
Georgia- South Carolina Association Church and Ministry Committee, having completed 
their terms. We are deeply grateful for their gifts of leadership. 

If there is news that you wish to have shared with others in the Southeast 
Conference family, please contact Tim at 

Posted on March, 2009 

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